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In the ATC there are many different types of shooting opportunities. Safety is paramount - so parents, don't worry!  We view shooting as a sport and all Cadets that wish to shoot undertake thorough training by qualified instructors.  Cadets are able to achieve many marksman badges depending on how well they shoot.
When you first start shooting you will train and practice on the Lee Enfield No. 8 Rifle. The No. 8 Rifle is based on the Lee-Enfield No. 4 SMLE Rifle which was used by the UK in WWI.

No 8 .22 Rifle (.22inch  5.52mm)

To be allowed to fire the rifle, a cadet must be formally trained on the weapon by a qualified instructor and pass a standardised Weapon Handling Test. The WHT tests the cadet's knowledge of safety with firearms, reactions to range orders and to rifle defects (misfires). Once the cadet has passed his WHT there are various marksmanship tests available, which vary depending on service.

The No.8 is the first rifle that cadets will use and train on. Once cadets have achieved a basic level of marksmansip they may progress to start training with the L98A2 Cadet General Purpose Rifles (an adaption of the SA80 series of weapons) and the L81 A2 Cadet Target Rifle.

L98 A2 (5.56mm)

The L98A2 has now replaced the L98A1. The main differences with the L98A2 rifle compared to the L98A1 are introduction of gas parts. These parts enable the weapon to fire in a Semi-Automatic mode, rather than just single shots as with the A1. The new rifle is very similar to the L85A2 except that the weapon has no fire change leaver so it is only capable of semi-automatic operation, not fully automatic fire.


Before using the weapon with either blank or ball ammunition, cadets receive training in the safe use of the weapon and are taught Normal Safety Precautions (NSPs). These weapon drills are assessed through weapon handling tests (WHTs) carried out as part of regular training or at the discretion of range staff. These tests must be carried out every six months and cadets who do not pass them are not allowed to fire the weapon with either blank or live ammunition.

L81A2  (7.62mm)

The Parker Hale L81A2 is a shorter version of the Parker Hale M82 rifle 7.62x51 mm (.308) rifle, adopted as cadet training rifle. It can trace its lineage back through both the M82 sniper rifle and the Parker-Hale 1200TX target rifle.

It has a non-removable loading tray in place of the L81A1's magazine. The rifle is issued with dioptre target rifle sights and is used in competitions such as The Schools Meeting and the Inter Service Cadet Rifle Meeting (I.S.C.R.M) held at Bisley Ranges. This rifle is accurate to 1000 yards but more commonly used at 300, 500, and 600 yards.

Once cadets have achieved a high standard of marksmanship they can then apply to be trained and progress on to fire the L81A2. 

The next rifle that cadets can be trained on is the LSW.