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International Air Cadet Exchange

International Air Cadet Exchange, or IACE as it is more commonly known as, is a yearly event which allows a selected few to participate in a multi-national Cadet exchange.
It allows the lucky few to spend 2 weeks in a different country, with 30+ Cadets from around the world, and learn from each other as well as make life long friends and experience what it is like for our fellow cadets in other countries. 
This year, Cadet Warrant Officer (CWO) Sally Thompson was chosen to go to Ghana for 2 weeks along with other Cadets.

In 2010, we had 3 Cadets that were lucky enough to be chosen to participate in this amazing experience.
One Cadet went to the Phillipines for 10 days where she learnt about the way Cadets is run over in that country as well as making lots of new friends. 
Cadet Warrant Officer (CWO) Alex Harley was chosen to go on an exchange to Israel with 10 other English cadets for 14 days, to experience life as an air cadet in Israel and to swap stories and experiences with the other lucky few from a possible 18 countries.

Cadet Flight Sergeant Chris Sudle was chosen to go to Hong-Kong along with 3 other English cadets. He spent 2 weeks in the Panda Hotel, with 38 other cadets from 11 other countries, swapping stories, sampling the Chinese food and culture, and generally having a great time making friends and learning about the way other nationalities participate in their own version of what we call The Air Training Corps. He made a short video slideshow of a handful of the pictures that were taken which can be found below. Please double click the image below to watch the slideshow.
(will open a new window) Run Time 16 minutes.

Hong-Kong IACE 2010