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Just like our parent service the Royal Air Force, every person in the Air Cadet Organisation has a rank which can be identified by the badges of rank that they wear.

Below is a list of the ranks within the ACO broken down into Cadet Ranks, Non-Commissioned Adult Staff and Commissioned Officers

Cadets who are over 18 and undergone additional training wear the Instructor Cadet Rank.

Cadet Ranks

Instructor Cadet Warrent Officer - ICWO

Cadet Flight Sergeant - Cdt FS
Instructor Cadet Flight Sergeant - ICFS

Cadet Sergeant - Cdt Sgt
Instructor Cadet Sergeant - ICSgt

Cadet Corporal - Cdt Cpl

Cadet - Cdt
No rank worn

Non-Commissioned Staff

Adult Warrent Officer - WO(ATC)
(Previous regular service at equivalent rank or appointed before 1980)

Adult Warrent Officer - WO(ATC)

Flight Sergeant - FS(ATC)

Sergeant - SGT(ATC)

Commissioned Officers

Wing Commander - Wg Cdr

Squadron Leader - Sqn Ldr

Flight Lieutenant - Flt Lt

Flying Officer - Fg Off

Pilot Officer - Plt Off

Officer Cadet